Classic Care of America offers a variety of concierge services to our luxury home and commercial clientele!

At Home Services
Home Closing Services
Home Opening Services
Personal Services
Specialty Services
Weekly Home Inspection Services


These services are only a generalized list of the choices we offer our customers through our Property Services Program. We’ll gladly customize any service for our clients’ individual needs. Also, if you have a request that is not listed, we’ll work hard to fulfill your need.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you!


At-Home Services

  • Auto washing/detailing
  • Boat detailing/cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • General housekeeping
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Marble cleaning/crystallizing
  • Personal watercraft cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Wood floor cleaning and buffing

Home Closing Services

  • Adjust indoor temperature
  • Appliance checks (all)
  • Bring in plants/patio furniture
  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer, adjust temperature
  • Close drapes and blinds
  • Contact vendors (i.e. pool maintenance, cable, newspapers, etc.)
  • Inform homeowner of any maintenance/repairs required
  • Lock all entrance ways (doors, windows, etc.)
  • Security system check
  • Shut down pool/spa heater

Home Opening Services

  • Adjust indoor temperature
  • Appliance checks (TVs, audio equipment, telephones, etc.)
  • Arrange plants/patio furniture
  • Check landscape lighting
  • Draw back drapes and blinds
  • Get boat/watercraft ready for use
  • Grocery shopping
  • Security system check
  • Set clocks (if needed)
  • Switch on pool/spa heater
  • Warm up, wash and fuel all automobiles

Personal Services

  • Airport transportation (pick-up/drop-off)
  • Errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Local pick-ups/deliveries
  • Personal shopping
  • Renew/register vehicle tags
  • Schedule/attend any repairs

Specialty Services

  • Audio/theater design
  • Event planning (meetings, parties, etc.)
  • Household bookkeeping/monthly accounting
  • Home storm preparation
  • Interior decorating
  • Laminate maps/specialized directions
  • Light switch labeling
  • Purchase large appliances (TV, audio, etc.)
  • Purchase vehicles (auto, boat, personal watercraft)
  • Videography services for weddings, birthdays, etc.

Weekly Home Inspection Services

  • Check HVAC systems
  • Check hot water heaters/electrical panels
  • Check for insects and pests
  • Check for, report and get storm damage repaired (if appliacable)
  • Check plumbing (toilets, sinks, water leaks)
  • Check security of entrance ways (windows, doors, etc.)
  • Check security systems for functionality
  • Collect/process mail
  • Coordinate/check services (i.e. pool, landscaping, extermination, etc.)
  • Inform homeowner of any maintenance/repairs required or emergencies
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